MTX @ CES 2020

The best demo vehicles of all time were on the MTX booth !


We are just back from CES 2020... We have been exhibiting there for 42 years now without …missing any edition. Amazing how time flies! This year, we won the trophy for the best demonstration cars, by far!
Since 1996, Jason Planck has worked at MTX. We are very proud to have him in our team. He was and still is a phenomenal caraudio installer. He was a brilliant IASCA/USAC world champion. For the CES 2020, he prepared some of the best demo cars of all time... We start with the 2012 Ford F-250... It's a beauty, and a monster... You almost need to a ladder to jump inside!

This 2012 F-250 includes Rolling Big Powers 28x16 Uzi wheels wrapped in Interco 44x19.5R28 boggers. Coupled with a 16.5 "Wilwood rotor with 6 piston calipers. The front and rear Fusion bumpers are coated with white metallic powder and 30 rigid projectors give it a glow. Under the truck, you will notice 8 bells, tanks air and compressors from HornBlasters.

A secondary market The PMF fuel tank replaces the bulky OEM tank while a polished drive shaft and 5-inch stainless steel exhaust complete the exterior. The custom leather interior is made possible by Creative Bespoke.

The MTX audio system :
2x JH15001 monoblock amplifiers
2x JH7005 5-channel amplifiers
1x JH30044-channel amplifier
4x pairs of MUD65PL cage mount coaxial speakers
3x pairs of SS7 component speakers
1x MUDBTRC Bluetooth receiver
4x S6512-44 square subwoofers
2x WET124-W marine subwoofers

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