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30cm 12" 200W RMS 4Ω Marine Subwoofer with polypropylene cone, ABS frame and water resistant spider


The MTX TM1204 200W RMS 30cm 12" marine subwoofer is specialised in low frequencies reproduction in difficult conditions. It is resistant to water, dust, mud... It works in free air, it doesn't need any enclosure, a wall is enough. It is the perfect companion for the WET75.4 amplifier.


• Designed to meet the durability and reliability requirements of the marine environment.
• Teteron neodymium magnet tweeter for dynamic and powerful sound
• Polypropylene membrane resistant to humidity and sunlight
• Conductive wires resistant to humidity and sunlight
• Gold plated connectors to resist corrosion
• Waterproof ABS chassis to resist corrosion and house the magnetic structure and electronic components
• ASA grids (Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate - excellent weather resistance)
• Integrated clips to hold cables


• Marine subwoofer
• Diameter: 30cm 12"
• RMS power: 200W
• Peak power: 600W
• Impedance: 4Ω
• Frequency response: 38Hz - 150Hz
• Installation depth: 143mm
• Grid diameter: 327mm
• Supplied with grille

Recommended efficient associations

MTX WET75.4 Marine Amplifier


One or two pairs of WET65 or WET77 plugged into an MTX WET75.4 amplifier is the classic solution. It is possible to bridge two channels to feed a subwoofer (TM1004 or TM1204) and make a triphonic system with a pair of WET65 or WET77.


MTX wants you to enjoy your hearing for a long time. Excessive exposure to loud volumes can damage your hearing. The United States Department of Labor recommends not exceeding the following recommendations:

  • 90db : maximum 8 hours / day
  • 92dB : maximum 6 hours / day
  • 95db : maximum 4 hours / day
  • 97db : maximum 3 hours / day
  • 100db : maximum 2 hours / day
  • 102db : maximum 90 minutes / day
  • 105db : maximum 60 minutes / day
  • 110db : maximum 30 minutes / day
  • 115db : maximum less than 15 minutes / day
  • 120db : immediate danger, 0 minutes / day

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