Ultra-flexible, lightweight, Bluetooth, microSD, High-definition headphones


The MTX iX3BT headset sets new ground in terms of wireless headphones. It is Bluetooth compatible and syncs with two devices simultaneously. It has a microSD card that allows instant playback (no need for a cell phone or tablet). It can also connect with a cable ... it is phenomenal

He can do everything very well. It inherits all the qualities of its brother, the iX3: incredible comfort, reduced weight, incomparable flexibility, its hi-fi quality, super deep bass, almost indestructible ... And it adds the Bluetooth connection and reading on microSD.

The Bluetooth connection is very convenient. TV, TV box, AppleTV, cell phone, tablet, computer ... all devices are compatible, and we avoid the cable that hangs everywhere. Good news, it is possible to sync two devices at the same time. We therefore switch from one to the other on the fly without changing the setting.

Reading on microSD will quickly become your favorite feature. You can store your music in Flac (for quality) or mp3 (for quantity) format on a removable card for immediate access with a single click. No need for a cell phone or tablet to send music; she's in the helmet. More wave, still no wire. You just have to press "Play" to have music. It's toooop.

The battery lasts 24 hours. And if it is empty, it is still possible to use the cable ...

We saved the best for last ... The price is incredible! Considering the sound quality, considering the build quality, considering the durability, considering the characteristics ... It's unbeatable.


High-End Hi-Fi speakers

The MTX iX3BT is equipped with specially developed 40mm neodymium magnet drivers with incredibly wide response. They shine by their dynamics and the relief they give to the music. They are the same speakers as iX3.


3 inputs - 3 sources

Bluetooth, microSD and Jack cable… You have the choice of the source you want to use. Each has advantages and disadvantages. So it is better to have a choice.


Super light

Only 170g, and incredibly comfortable, thanks to the ultra soft cushions.


Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 4.2 with automatic re-connection and simple ergonomic controls on the headset. They control volume, music and phone calls.


MicroSD playback

MicroSD playback: Allows independent reading, no need for a smartphone, no Bluetooth wave, no consumption due to BT transmission, maximum sound quality with Flac format... Just press “Play” to listen to music…


Connection with two Bluetooth devices

You can pair the iX3BT with two devices at the same time. This allows you to switch from one to the other in the blink of an eye.


Super flexible and indestructible stainless steel headband

Super flexible and unbreakable headband. You can twist it as much as you want... You can adjust the pressure as you want...


Super comfortable

It is incredibly comfortable thanks to its reduced weight, its hyper flexible headband and its soft cushions ...


USB Recharge

Recharge from any USB port or with any USB charger. Cable is included. When the battery is empty, it is still possible to use the headphones with the jack cable.


Protection bag for travelling

Flexible, light, practical and very resistant, the MTX protection bag allows you to take your iX3BT everywhere without damaging it...


Mic and remote control on the cable

The microphone and the remote control are universal and ultra light. They are compatible with Apple® and Android® devices. The remote control allows you to play, pause, take a call and hang up.


Fiche Jack coudée à 90°

Pour qu'il ne s'abîme pas même au fond d'une poche


Tangle Free Cable

You unfold them, they come out like a spring, always ready for use ...


Exceptional sound insulation

When you have the MTX iX3 headphones on your ears, you are alone in the world ... Its sound isolation is exceptional thanks to large headphones and super insulating waterproof foams. The improvement in listening quality is astounding.



• Sensitivity: 115dB (1mW)
• Impedance: 32Ω
• Frequency response: 10Hz-25000Hz
• Weight without cable: 160g
• Cable weight: 12g


MTX wants you to enjoy your hearing for a long time. Excessive exposure to loud volumes can damage your hearing. The United States Department of Labor recommends not exceeding the following recommendations:
90db : maximum 8 hours / day
92dB : maximum 6 hours / day
95db : maximum 4 hours / day
97db : maximum 3 hours / day
100db : maximum 2 hours / day
102db : maximum 90 minutes / day
105db : maximum 60 minutes / day
110db : maximum 30 minutes / day
115db : maximum less than 15 minutes / day
120db : immediate danger, 0 minutes / day

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What the press says about it

What Hi-FI?

"Test Results:

Sound: Excellent

Functions: Excellent

Manufacturing: Excellent"

"this is one of the most interesting headphones on the market: robust, efficient, and rather racy"

"we can only be seduced by the quality of manufacture"

"the headphones give the impression of being immensely strong"

"the headphones stay in place without exerting excessive pressure"

"the natural sound insulation is excellent"

"The bass is generous. It remains perfectly under control"

"The mids are warm, with a really organic sound"

"the highs are surprisingly docile"

"the quantity of information you can hear is impressive"

What consumers say about it


February 13th, 2020

Here are some comments after 2-3 uses of the MTX iX3BT headset:

- unpacking: beautiful box that enhances the product, opens easily and the magnetic flap is classy. The cover is nice (you can't miss the logo).

- comfort (on my head): compared to the iX1, the helmet tightens a little less. It sits well on the head and stays in place during natural movements.

- the look: brushed aluminum is qualitative, the colors give a modern look. A touch of originality with the "visible" cables under the arch. The product is unique (compared to all the offers on the market) and gives the feeling of solidity. Small flat on the touch of the buttons and their clicking which is hard and loud.

- the sound: it is PHENOMENAL! Richness, precision, bass present without imposing itself and dynamism; something is happening between the ears when the music starts. The instruments are easily distinguished, creating a pleasant spatialization = high fidelity? Your untold time spent optimizing sound quality has been well invested. Gold medal guys !!!

- the user manual lacks precision on the operation of the SD card. And the translation of the penultimate paragraph is not surprising. Instead, I will adopt a positive phrase "be reasonable" instead of "don't be stupid". It works better in English but as long as we translate into our beautiful language ...

Well done to your team. It’s a very nice product.

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