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30cm 12“ 350W RMS 4Ω Vented Tube Passive Enclosure with impressive bass response


The MTX RTT12AV vented tube eclosure (30cm 400W RMS 1600W Peak 4Ω) is the most efficient tool for bass, despite its ultra competitive price. The low frequency performance is impressive. Bass with simplicity and ease. It must be said that the tube greatly favors the quality and depth of the bass. The thickness of the enclosure is large enough to avoid vibrations, and therefore never produce noise. The 30cm 12“ subwoofer is equipped with in-house technologies for reliability (ALDS) and for cooling (SPV). We can go there without a second thought. To use the RTT12AV perfectly, it is recommended to connect it to the MTX TX2275 or TX2450 or TX480D amplifier ... Bang Bang!


• Very efficient bass generator
• Excellent sound quality with deep and heavy sound
• Allows to be heard before being seen
• Silent slot port at the back
• Subwoofer equipped with ALDS and SPV technology for top performance
• Tube and subwoofer jointly developed for maximum performance
• Construction in 19mm tube, rubber ring, push connectors
• Easy to assemble or disassemble
• Recommended amplifier: MTX TX2275 TX2450 TR275 TR450 TX480D


• Vented Tube Enclosure
• Diameter: 30cm 12“
• Peak power: 1400W
• RMS power: 350W
• Sensitivity: 94.5dB / 2.83v / 1m
• Impedance: 4Ω
• Response: 25Hz - 300Hz
• Dimensions: 34.5x35x54cm
• Weight: 13Kg

Recommended efficient associations

Recommended Amplifiers: MTX TX2275 TX2450 TR275 TR450 TX480


The RTT12AV is a 4Ω subwoofer that supports up to 350W RMS. The ideal amplifier is therefore the MTX TX2275 or the TR275 which optimize their power under 4Ω in bridged mode. They are made for each other.
It is also possible to use the TX2450 and TR450 on two bridged channels. But they are less powerful ...
The best for last… the TX480D is very dynamic and very powerful. It is also an ideal combination.


MTX wants you to enjoy your hearing for a long time. Excessive exposure to loud volumes can damage your hearing. The United States Department of Labor recommends not exceeding the following recommendations:
90db : maximum 8 hours / day
92dB : maximum 6 hours / day
95db : maximum 4 hours / day
97db : maximum 3 hours / day
100db : maximum 2 hours / day
102db : maximum 90 minutes / day
105db : maximum 60 minutes / day
110db : maximum 30 minutes / day
115db : maximum less than 15 minutes / day
120db : immediate danger, 0 minutes / day



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