Compact High-End HiFi system with Apple Lightning dock, Airplay, DLNA, Apple USB


Ultimate, that's what we wanted for our hyper-communicating Apple Lightning® dock (Airplay, DLNA) ... 10 kilos of pure technology. An entirely aluminum chassis which serves as a radiator for the six powerful amplifiers, an internal MDF enclosure which supports the 6 speakers (2 subwoofers), an amplification of 180Wrms in total, a captivating level of detail, a "high-end sound" », Capable of adding sound to an evening, an all-aluminum backlit remote control ... No one has ever gone to so much trouble for a dock ...



• Number of speakers: 6
• Speaker dimensions: 2x13cm woofers, 2x7cm midrange, 2x20mm tweeters
• Number of amplification channels: 6
• Total Power: 180W RMS (2x50W RMS for woofers, 2x25W RMS for midranges, 2x15W RMS for tweeters)
• Number of DSP: 6
• 4 Inputs: Apple® Lightning® dock (compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone 11 and iPad Mini
• USB connector compatible with all Apple devices (30 pins connector included)
• Streaming: Apple Airplay®, DLNA®, WindowsMediaPlayer®, Samsung® AllShare®
• Auxiliary: 3.5mm jack
• Power supply: 100 ~ 250V 50 ~ 60Hz
• Weight: 10Kg
• Dimensions: 53x15x15cm


• Exceptional sound quality (High-end Hifi Level)
• Ultra powerful amplification capable of sounding a 35m2 room
• Outstanding build quality
• 5mm thick brushed and anodized aluminum frame
• MDF enclosure built inside (not visible)
• High-end loudspeakers with neodime magnets and paper membranes
• No visible screw
• Compatible with all streams (Airplay®, DLNA®, WindowsMediaPlayer®, Samsung® AllShare®)
• Backlit remote control in anodized aluminum
• Quick and easy Airplay settings (less than 2 seconds to enter the network)


MTX wants you to enjoy your hearing for a long time. Excessive exposure to loud volumes can damage your hearing. The United States Department of Labor recommends not exceeding the following recommendations:
90db : maximum 8 hours / day
92dB : maximum 6 hours / day
95db : maximum 4 hours / day
97db : maximum 3 hours / day
100db : maximum 2 hours / day
102db : maximum 90 minutes / day
105db : maximum 60 minutes / day
110db : maximum 30 minutes / day
115db : maximum less than 15 minutes / day
120db : immediate danger, 0 minutes / day

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What the press says about it


"We are in the dizzying"

"We are in the High-End audio powered by a strong amplification"

"The bass rendering is impressive"

"The finesse in the treble is real, tangible and pleasant"

"the MTX Audio iT1air is one of the most atypical objects ever tested in these pages"

"the MTX Audio iT1air is one of the most atypical objects ever tested in these pages"


"The iT1air wins its bet to offer the best iPhone dock"

"The all-metal finish smacks of ruggedness and raw power"

"The power is impressive"

"The intrinsic quality of the sound reproduction is excellent, far at the top of the competition"

"The good points: Power, rendering, bass adjustment, simple AirPlay configuration, good spatialization, finish"


"it is an acoustic wonder"

"it is GOLD in bar (of sound)"

"the bass is exceptionally deep"

"Its connection is complete"

"Informed music lovers or Saturday night revelers have found in her the ideal companion"

"Happiness for the ears!"

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Presentation of the iT1air by CineNow (in french)

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What consumers say about it...

Electronique Service

This is the first time that I have taken the trouble to comment on a product. In the store, we are lucky to be able to try a lot of products. Cabasse, Bose, Loewe, Samsung, and so on ... Clearly, when you receive the MTX iT1air package, you are sure that there are two in the box because it is so heavy! I open the package, I find out. 10Kg super well packed, the dock is all in brushed aluminum (which ultimately avoids micro scratches), the quality is impressive, nothing to do with the usual plastic devices. Even the remote is made of aluminum (it's been five years since I saw this!). Only six buttons, it's simple and intuitive (no need to read the documentation). Impatient, I dock my iPhone and push a little! It works right away, it's impressive sound quality (the bass is incredibly deep) and simplicity. I continue and I push the system to block, all the customers of the shop turn around and come to see me. What is that ? This is without a doubt the best dock available today :). But what an effect! And it takes some to impress us… To discover quickly. Cédric, Pulsat store in Thillot (88);)


No more pandas and other asthmatic pigs. In the cupboard the exorbitant baskets of where nothing comes out but or nothing does not fit either.
Discarded the columns of sound which are to sound what William Saurin brought to French gastronomy, even if they were stamped with the name of more or less famous musicians making them ultimately better, oh no, in fact just more expensive ....
In oblivion, objects of desire with curves so design that finally one comes to wonder if their first use would not be rather libertine as their musical performances border on mediocrity. Here is finally a SOUNDBAR
Full grain brushed aluminum is beautiful, it is design, it naturally takes its place on a Louis XV chest of drawers or on an Ikea piece of furniture.
It works very simply, we turn on and go, no need for a diploma in electronics to find out how to make these settings
And the height of the paradox is that it responds perfectly to the function for which it was designed
The sound is clear, powerful, detailed, there's real sub.
Now the hardest part is going to be selling your old, obsolete and gigantic installation because with this sound bar you won't need it anymore.


Absolute fan of Bose sound for years, I was convinced by Cédric (from the Pulsat store in Thillot, author of the first post) to try this MT1.
This dock has it all. I do not dwell on the connections, the Airplay is sufficient.
The design is sober, the use simple and the sound .... The sound...
I listen to loud music that makes noise and I admit, the sound is clear, balanced, and rich in bass (which can be adjusted unlike my ex-Sounddock 10 from the aforementioned brand)
A comparative listening (in Airplay for one and in bluetooth for the other) ended up convincing me definitively, At equivalent power, the MT is much better.
I resell my Bose, if you want it, don't hesitate =)


What love at first sight! MTX client in the 90s, I had kept a good feeling with these American big sound barjos. My Zeppelin having given up the ghost one evening a little watered, I thought that this heavy category speaker should do the trick. I was far from the mark. This dock impresses me from all sides ... It is really heavy, ultra stable, it does not vibrate, it is more serious than a big speaker, it is super beautiful, super quality, and it sounds like a dream. Thoroughly it does not even saturate. He gives the impression of never being limited, there is always reserve. I really like the remote control, it is made like the speaker. Everything is the same, materials, touches ...
Good, on the other hand, at first, you need the manual in your hands to understand the keys ... after a week it came back, but hey ... This is the only weak point for me. The rest is 100 times better than my old Zeppelin. Still on top after 25 years, well done.


Now owner of 2 iT1air, really very impressive product. Sober but effective design, and despite its size it fits in any place without denoting! In addition to that the sound is tip top, I used one for an evening with 50 people, it did its job perfectly. Its clear, very powerful.
The operation is relatively simple and above all an Air Play mode which allows remote use.
Only downside, it is unfortunately difficult to take it everywhere with you :)

Frédéric B.

The package has arrived. I can't wait to go home and discover the contents of this heavy box. And finally… unboxing. It is a brushed aluminum ingot, wonderfully understated and exemplary finish. The iT1air flies over the devices of the famous who strut their proud and vulgar shiny plastic. The construction of the iT1air is really solid, it inspires confidence. Plugging in, 10 seconds to plug in and off you go ... I was expecting a lot, and I was afraid to hope too much ... It's amazing: the sound is fine, detailed, generous, ample and full. The relation between the dimensions of the machine and what it offers is crazy.
The object is adopted. Don’t hesitate, this is awesome. WELL DONE !

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