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Flagship terrorizing power 4000W RMS @1Ω Class-D mono block with complete active x-over and bridge mode


The MTX RFL4001D mono block amplifier is a monster of power. It is at the cutting edge of technology and performance. This is the standard of the brand's amps. With more than 4000W RMS in class-D (very high efficiency), it pushes the limits of amplification connected to a 12V battery. To achieve this, we spent three years at his bedside to bring together what was best for him. We worked on the power to be important, always available, to arrive quickly (super fast rise time) and to make it stick perfectly to our RFL12 and RFL15 subwoofers - They are made to work together.
We have spent more than a year making its operation reliable. We also gave it the best components available. The power supply is cut by the most efficient MOSFETs available from the best manufacturer, International Rectifier (USA). They support 640A each, 175 ° C and there are 12 of them !!! We used 6 transformers to distribute the load and the temperature. These are quality transformers and they are particularly efficient (so they heat less).

The energy storage at the power supply output is provided by 23 capacitors (!!!) of the Elna (DE) brand with low resistance, so ultra fast. They withstand 105 ° C, but never exceed 60 ° C even after 5 days at full strength (This is our reliability test ...). On the power stage, we used MOSFETs from International Rectifier which support 280A each ... We clearly spent lavishly.

To verify the correct operating balance of the RFL4001D, we monitored it with a thermal racing camera over $ 35,000. It allowed us to monitor the temperature of each component and the width / thickness of each track on the PCB. It's been a painful job, but suddenly the MTX RFL4001D performs much better than our wildest expectations ... which are very high, of course.
The RFL4001D is the highest performing amp ever built by MTX. In short, you've never heard anything like it. Boom...


  • Really delusional power.
  • Exceptional sound quality thanks to its damping factor which is > 500.
  • High quality components (IRF brand MOSFET supporting 640A).
  • All aluminum construction with backlit window to admire the components.
  • Compatible impedance 1Ω to 8Ω for maximum flexibility.
  • Flexible and complete active filter with adjustable subsonic.
  • Possibility of bridging two RFL4001D amplifiers (Total 8000W RMS).
  • EBC remote level control included
  • 4x50mm² terminal blocks


  • Class-D mono channel amplifier (1 channel)
  • CEA2006 certified power
    • 1x 4000 watts RMS @ 1Ω THD + N ≤1%
    • 1x 2500 watts RMS @ 2Ω THD + N ≤1%
    • 1x 1500 watts RMS @ 4Ω THD + N ≤1%
  • Damping factor: >500
  • Possibility of using it in bridged mode (2 amps): 8000W
  • Active filter:
    • Low Pass (LPF) 24dB/Oct variable from 40Hz to 180Hz
    • 24dB / Oct subsonic filter at 20Hz
  • Phase adjustable to 0° or 180°
  • Signal / noise ratio (1 watt):> 75dB
  • THD + Noise (Distortion) (1 watt): ≤0.1%
  • Frequency response (± 1dB): 10Hz-150Hz
  • RCA sensitivity level: 100mV to 6V
  • EBC (External Bass Control) included
  • Dimensions: 626mm x 204mm x 59mm

Recommended performance associations

Recommanded MTX subwoofers: 1xRFL15 or 1xRFL12 or 2xRFL15 or 2xRFL12 or 2xTX815 or 2xTX812

  • An RFL4001D amplifier with 1 or 2 RFL12 or RFL15 subwoofers
  • An RFL4001D amplifier with 2 or 4 TX812 or TX815 subwoofers
  • For SPL competitions, you can use two RFL4001D in bridge on one RFL12 or one RFL15…
  • For the other front and rear speakers, the RFL4120 amplifier is perfectly suited
  • Power supply pack: two MTX StreetWires ZNX50K packs

Complementary products

Recommanded power pack: MTX ZNX50K

Recommanded interconnect: ZNHD1.2 or ZNHD3.2 or ZNHD5.2ZNX50K



The power of the amplifier must not exceed that of the loudspeaker. We must compare RMS powers with RMS powers. The amplifiers should not be exposed to moisture, excessive vibration, or high temperatures.


MTX wants you to enjoy your hearing for a long time. Excessive exposure to loud volumes can damage your hearing. The United States Department of Labor recommends not exceeding the following recommendations.

  • 90db : maximum 8 hours/day
  • 92dB : maximum 6 hours/day
  • 95db : maximum 4 hours/day
  • 97db : maximum 3 hours/day
  • 100db : maximum 2 hours/day
  • 102db : maximum 90 minutes/day
  • 105db : maximum 60 minutes/day
  • 110db : maximum 30 minutes/day
  • 115db : maximum less than 15 minutes/day
  • 120db : immediate danger, 0 minute/day

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What consumers say about it

Vincent Cox

It's a crazy thing ... I already had an X3000D, but there it grows at least twice as much ... I have this amplifier with an RFL12, it's just happiness ... and it takes no room compared to my four square subwoofers from before.

Vincent Cox

It's a crazy thing ... I already had an X3000D, but there it grows at least twice as much ... I have this amplifier with an RFL12, it's just happiness ... and it takes no room compared to my four square subwoofers from before.

Jean Taiti Scholermann

At the top of these amps… High-end finish and solid construction. It is really very powerful. Attention, you need the subwoofers that are able to follow (RFL)


Ohhh la la…. Be careful, it's power… Never seen such power. every serious blow is scary with this amp. It plays really hard, and it's solid to death! MTX is the best ...

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