Portable Powerful Hi-Fi Stereo Bluetooth microSD Speaker


The MTX iP3 portable speaker is the benchmark in its category. It sounds better and louder than all its competitors (the press says so...). It shines by the quality of its construction and even more by its sound quality. Its frame is made of robust and recyclable aluminum. Its 4 loudspeakers and 2 amplifiers are very powerful, they allow it to easily fill a 30m2 room. The iP3 is Bluetooth compatible, it's simple, practical and universal. But it also benefits from the integrated reading of microSD card.
The compatible files are mp3 for quantity, and Flac for quality. You will never need to drain your phone's battery to have music, just press "Play" to listen to your favorite songs. It is also a powerful charging station (Power Bank), capable of recharging a phone or tablet, whether or not connected to the mains. There is even a small remote control that allows access to additional settings. Everything is practical!



• High fidelity stereo sound thanks to 4 high quality speakers and an efficient and powerful amplifier.
• 4 speakers including 2 subwoofers for realistic reproduction of stereo sound and bass.
• Exceptional power output: 2x15W RMS for deep bass and breathtaking dynamics.
• Subwoofers on both sides expand the soundstage thanks to their position.
• Infra-red remote control for easy and pleasant sound management.
• Bass level adjustable from 0 to + 10 dB on the remote control.
• 3 inputs: Bluetooth, microSD and AUX for extended compatibility.
• Bluetooth input with automatic connection: no need to connect each time.
• MicroSD Playback: Just press Play to listen to your favorite songs stored on the microSD card. You don't need any BT connection.
• MicroSD reading: no wave, no sound cut, no power consumption on the phone or tablet.
• MicroSD playback: Compatible with Flac (maximum sound quality) and mp3 (maximum number of tracks) tracks.
• MicroSD reading: Alphabetical or random reading available on the remote control.
• Fast recharging thanks to the powerful power supply. You can also charge your phone or tablet using the USB port.
• "Power Bank" function to recharge a cell phone or a tablet even without being connected to the sector "Power Bank" to recharge your phone or a tablet even in the absence of a power outlet.
• Completely aluminum construction: it is durable, robust, high-end and recyclable.



• Portable stereo Bluetooth speaker
• Power: 2x45W Peak - 2x15W RMS
• Speakers:
- Wide range: 2x 60mm
- Subwoofers: 2x 70mm
• Inputs:
- Bluetooth
- AUX (3.5mm Jack)
- microSD (mp3, Flac)
• Remote control included
• MicroSD-> USB adapter included
• Power Bank USB charging socket (on the back) for phone or tablet: 4000mA
• Charger: 14V 2.5A
• Autonomy: 20h at medium volume
• Aluminum frame
• Dimensions: 240x80x80mm
• Weight: 1080g


MTX wants you to enjoy your hearing for a long time. Excessive exposure to loud volumes can damage your hearing. The United States Department of Labor recommends not exceeding the following recommendations:
90db : maximum 8 hours / day
92dB : maximum 6 hours / day
95db : maximum 4 hours / day
97db : maximum 3 hours / day
100db : maximum 2 hours / day
102db : maximum 90 minutes / day
105db : maximum 60 minutes / day
110db : maximum 30 minutes / day
115db : maximum less than 15 minutes / day
120db : immediate danger, 0 minutes / day

Accessories Included

Infrared remote control


Very powerful 12V 25A power adaptor


USB adapter <> MicroSD


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What the press says about it


"Impressive sound qualities with a very good sense of music"

"MTX technical choices make it possible to surpass certain recognized brands" (Bose)

"Aluminum finish and smart connectivity: it is a very attractive product"

"The smart speakers position favors the stereo effect and above all, it gives a much deeper bass than on other competing product"

"It emerges a beautiful musicality with power and dynamics"

"The depth is there, without excess - The highs are well reproduced - The midrange has a great intensity"

"Its look is a clever blend of audio requirement and modern aesthetics"

"This MTX iP3 is a good illustration at every levels"

"MTX Audio IP3, a lot of energy to spare!"


"Listening quality that lives up to the device's claims"

"Beautiful and good at the same time"

"MTX iP3: love at first see"

"The iP3 is a beautiful object"

"The Design is to say the least successful"

"The enclosure is heavy, it is a guarantee of quality"

"No vibrations"

"A very homogeneous product and an excellent quality / price ratio"

"A speaker to put in all hands"

On the web side...

EQUIPauto29 presents the iP3, and he really likes it!

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What consumers say about it


Bose ? Where are they ? Far far far far, very far behind...

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