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TX4 Separate speakers Ø16,5cm 6.5" 2-way 80W RMS 555W Peak 4Ω with Ø25mm TSV TIL voice coil and Ø25mm silk dome neodymium tweeter


The MTX TX465S speakers (16.5cm 2-way 4Ω 80W RMS 555W Peak) shine with their exceptional construction, sound quality, efficiency and ... the size of their magnet. They do an incredible job in the original locations of compatible vehicles. The softness and force with which they reproduce the best recordings is exceptional. The semi-pressed paper membrane covered with crystals and silver is musical and clear. The magnetic structure at the limit of the reasonable ensures an astounding dynamics and a power handling. The 25mm soft dome tweeter in silk and neodymium magnet is a delight. This last characteristic is rare at this price level… It is more often found on models twice as expensive.
They work perfectly on a car radio, but they are sublime if they are connected to an external amplifier like the MTX TX2450 or the TX2275 which are musical, powerful, dynamic and non-aggressive… To complete the picture, we can also, in a second time, add an active subwoofer such as the MTX RTP8, RTT8P or RTF10P… Music!


  • Treated paper cone coated with silver particles for a clearer midrange
  • Extra large strontium magnet for better cone control and more power handling
  • Aluminum phase plug to remove standing waves and improve the midrange quality
  • 25mm aluminum voice coil for efficient cooling and more power handling
  • Ø25mm high definition silk dome neodymium tweeter for more details
  • External passive x-over with air coils and polypropylene caps and adjustable tweeter level
  • Rubber suspension for more reliability
  • Smooth, musical sound with precise and detailed bass
  • Works perfectly on an original head-unit, and much better with the MTX TX2275 or the TX2450 amplifier


  • 2-way separate speakers
  • Woofer diameter: 16,5cm (6.5")
  • 25mm silk dome neodymium tweeter
  • Peak power: 555W 3000 cycles
  • RMS power: 80W
  • Sensitivity: 93.5dB/2.83v/1m
  • Impedance: 4Ω
  • Response: 45Hz - 25000Hz
  • Woofer depth: 63mm
  • Grilles included

Recommended efficient associations

TX480D TX2275 TX2450 amplifiers


  • Amps: MTX TX2450 TR450 TX2275 TR275
  • Bass enclosure: MTX RTP8, RTT8P, RTF10P, RTU8P


MTX wants you to enjoy your hearing for a long time. Excessive exposure to loud volumes can damage your hearing. The United States Department of Labor recommends not exceeding the following recommendations:

  • 90dB: maximum 8 hours / day
  • 92dB: maximum 6 hours / day
  • 95dB: maximum 4 hours / day
  • 97dB: maximum 3 hours / day
  • 100dB: maximum 2 hours / day
  • 102dB: maximum 90 minutes / day
  • 105dB: maximum 60 minutes / day
  • 110dB: maximum 30 minutes / day
  • 115dB: maximum less than 15 minutes / day
  • 120dB: immediate danger, 0 minutes / day





It is essential to use the passive x-overs to obtain the best sound quality and to protect the speakers. Be careful, without a x-over, the tweeters burn.

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Car&Hifi (DE)

"Test Winner"

"Price/Performance : very good"

"Sound at a very high level"

"Very High Quality Full-size dome tweeter"

"More than respectable bass-midrange driver"

"With a thick 90mm ferrite magnet, it is powerfully built"

"The TX465S shows a very minimal distortion"

"When reproducing bass drums, it booms powerfully with a nice punch"

"The vocal range is of high quality and natural instruments as well as synthetic sounds come across very well"

"The tweeter plays very well"

"Drum cymbals shine quite neatly"

"The MTX is also a front-runner when it comes to maximum SPL level"

"In the centre of the cone there is a phase plug, which is even made of aluminium"

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Car&Hifi (DE)

"Product of the Year"

"It is often difficult to find a system with a really good sound, especially when it comes to inexpensive loudspeakers."

"This is where the MTX TX465S comes in handy, with its great sound and its everyday solid qualities."

"The woofer is well made and the tweeter with its 25 millimeter silk dome is the best in its class."

"In addition, the crossover is equipped with high quality components."

"The MTX TX465S impresses with both measured values and sound quality."


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