1971-2021 • 50th Anniversary

50 years breaking the laws!

(Physical & Acoustical laws...)

Incredible… The caraudio subwoofer and enclosure inventor is half a century old. Loyd Ivey founded MTX in a Chicago garage back in 1971. He started building wood enclosures for speaker brands he purchased some years later. This was the start of an incredible journey that led us to the moon. Sorry, only to Cap Canaveral, the space station, the space shuttles, the hotels in LasVegas, the White House, the One World Trade Center, all the MTX customer's cars and many others where we provide good sound.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the music and sound sensation freaks for their support all over the world and all over the years. We are sensitive to your passion, your feedbacks, your requirements. We appreciate your incredible loyalty. Every day, we wake up to make the MTX products the best available on the market…

You've been amazing during 50 years already. Good news, it was only the beginning… MTX is for life. 😎


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