New MTX iP1s Bluetooth microSD playback portable speaker

What a pleasure to move with the new MTX iP1s... It is small, light, simple to use, it works on battery, the sound quality is impressive given its size, it is always protected by its carrying case, you can choose between 3 different inputs (Bluetooth, Auxiliary and the very smart microSD card) and it sounds great...

The iP1s is therefore an incredible tool for listening to your favorite music with just one click :

The Bluetooth input connects automatically (after the first pairing), so you don't need to search for the iP1s in the list of your Bluetooth devices. Just press "Play"...

The 3 inputs make the iP1s highly compatible with all devices in the world. It works with any mobile phone, tablet, computer... It is universal.

MicroSD playback makes the task even easier… As your favorite tracks are stored on the SD card, you just need to press “Play” and boom, you have your favorite music… It doesn't require any other device… It's a local playback which consumes nothing and cannot be interrupted. MicroSD playback is your new best friend... All your favorite tracks are stored on the microSD card (not included, you will need to purchase it separately), so just press "Play" to immediately listen to your favorite music . FLAC compatibility for quality, mp3 compatibility for quantity... You have the best of both worlds.

The benefits of microSD playback are even greater : it emits no wave. So it can only be healthier ! There is also no battery consumption on both sides (iP1s like phone or tablet) ... You can use it at regular level during 24 hours from the microSD!

Its sound quality is incredible for the size. As usual! We used the best speaker, the best amplifier and the most rigid chassis to ensure the best possible sound quality. It is impressive and extremely natural.

Its output power is exceptional : 15W Peak and 5W RMS. It’s 3 times more than its competitors. We need power to transmit emotion ...

The construction is entirely made of aluminum. It's durable, recyclable and high-end... The iP1s is not a 0.5W plastic toy that you will throw away next month. It is a high quality durable product.

It is equipped with a 50mm widerange speaker, capable of reproducing all the finesse of music ... The sound quality is amazing for the size ... Of course, you will not shake the trees because of its size, but It is a great pleasure to listen to the iP1s.

A durable carrying case is included for easy travel... It's always useful.

Bluetooth automatically connects after initial pairing. No need to reconnect every time ... It's very nice.
You can charge the iP1s to any USB port or with any USB charger. The cable is included. You can also use the charger on your mobile phone.