New MTX iP3 stereo Bluetooth microSD playback portable speaker

Some products seem more important than others ... The new MTX iP3 is perhaps the most attractive product in the current MTX range.

When you try it, you can not do without it ... You take it everywhere to listen to your favorite songs with clarity and quality sound. Its design and construction are clearly upscale. It is small (24x8x8cm), light, simple to use (battery), the sound quality is incredible given its size and you can choose between 3 inputs (Bluetooth, AUX and the very practical microSD card) ... It's tip top !

The Bluetooth input is particularly practical. With the built-in automatic connection, just turn on the iP3 to connect to the last device that sent music to it. It's quick and easy...

MicroSD playback is a major feature: just press "Power" then "SD" to listen to your favorite music stored on the card. It's even simpler and faster than with Bluetooth. You don't need a smartphone or Bluetooth transmission. It's as if Spotify / Deezer / AppleMusic was integrated into your speaker ... The playback is Flac compatible (for high quality readings), and mp3 (to put all your disco on a 32GB card at ~ 6 €) . Reading microSD will become your new best friend ... All your favorite tracks at your fingertips, it's really great.

The advantages of microSD reading are even more numerous: If there is no Bluetooth transmission, there is no wave (It is clear that it can only be better for health), and your smartphone or tablet battery does not drain. It's always better when you leave. You can play for 24 hours on microSD ... Amazing!
There is also an "AUX" input on 3.5mm jack making the iP3 compatible with any device in the world. It is universal, but it puts a thread on the leg of the iP3.

As you can imagine, the sound quality is incredible. As usual at MTX, we used the best speakers and the best amplifier to ensure the best possible sound quality. It is impressive and extremely natural. The iP3 exceeds the performance of competitors like never before ... You have to listen to it to feel how big the difference can be ... It's crazy!

The iP3 is equipped with 4 speakers: 2 high quality 60mm midrange and two 70mm subwoofers. They are all able to reproduce all the power and finesse of the music ... The sound quality is incredible for the size ... We tested it as a sound bar for TV screen and it was impressive ...

The output power is exceptional: 2x45W Peak and 2x15W RMS. This is 3 times more than any of our competitors. It gives the iP3 incredible dynamics. He always breathes easily ...
The construction is entirely made of aluminum. It is durable, recyclable, resistant and high-end ... The iP3 is a quality product that you will keep for a long time.

The speaker also incorporates a "Power Bank" function. So you can charge your phone or tablet while listening to music - or not (Usually, you discharge them while listening).

The power adapter is powerful enough to listen, charge the iP3 and charge your smartphone. It's a very practical feature ... Another one ...

In two words, the iP3 will quickly become essential to you :).