New MTX iX3BT Bluetooth microSD playback headphones

He's there ! The new MTX iX3BT headset sets new standards for wireless headsets.

It has all the qualities of its brother, the iX3, plus Bluetooth compatibility (it synchronizes simultaneously with two devices), plus instant and local reading on a microSD card (no need for cell phones or tablets). And He can also connect with a cable ... It's phenomenal!

It does everything and it does it very well: pullman comfort, lightness, incredible flexibility, hi-fi quality sound, super deep bass, almost indestructible ... And it adds Bluetooth connection and microSD playback. Waoooow!

The Bluetooth connection is very practical. TV, TV box, AppleTV, cell phone, tablet, computer ... all devices are compatible, while avoiding the cable getting stuck everywhere. Good news, it is possible to synchronize it with two devices at the same time. It is therefore possible to switch from one to the other in the blink of an eye without changing the setting.

Playing songs directly on microSD card will become your favorite feature. You can store your music in Flac (for quality) or mp3 (for quantity) format on a removable card for immediate access with one click. No need for a cellphone or tablet to send music, it's already in the headphones. No more waves, still no wires ... Just press "Play" to listen to music. Too good.

The battery lasts 24 hours. it's already not bad ... But if it is empty, it is still possible to use the 3.5mm jack cable ...

We kept the best for last ... Its price is incredible: 100 € TTC! Considering the quality of the sound, the quality of the construction, the durability, the characteristics ... it's unbeatable.

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