New MTX iX4BT Bluetooth, lightweight, comfortable earphones

The new MTX iX4BT in-ear headphones have arrived. And as usual, it took a long time to develop. We can go ahead and say that after 2 years of work, it's a little wonder. It is very practical thanks to its Bluetooth connection which avoids having a cable between your phone and your headset, it allows you to bring a fantastic hi-fi system everywhere, it allows you to answer the phone while keeping your hands free, it is comfortable, light and easy to use...
Its construction is very successful. The cable is ultra slippery so as not to get caught in the hair, the headphones are reduced in size so as not to protrude and to be able to rest your head on a pillow, the battery rests on the shoulder to lighten everything and the remote control allows you to
control everything with great simplicity. There is even an MTX carrying bag
The most impressive remain the sound quality of the iX4BT.
As always with MTX, this point is fundamental. We have used custom- made Ø8mm widerange high definition speakers which ensure easy reproduction of the lowest frequencies. The sound is powerful, perfectly balanced with detailed, linear and always pleasing bass. The soundstage is impressive in all three dimensions. And the
listening pleasure lasts almost 8 hours...