New MTX RTU8P 150W RMS underseat aluminum powered enclosure

Here is the missing link ... The MTX RTU8P active box (20cm 150W RMS 600W Peak) is second to none to improve an installation. It is ultra compact, extra thin (less than 8cm thick), super easy to house (under a seat for example ...) and very simple to install. It is a marvel of sound quality capable of reproducing a level of bass largely sufficient to listen to music with infinite pleasure.

We took the time to make an incredible product with a fine balance between bass quality, power, price and design.

The RTU8P housing is constructed from thick aluminum. It is rigid, does not vibrate and it is very resistant. He is not afraid of kicks when installed under a seat.

The 20cm subwoofer is a dedicated, thin version. It was designed to make the most of the bass in this small box of only 6 liters.

The amplifier develops the pretty power of 150W RMS. It uses a class-AB topology to ensure perfect radio reception when installed in the passenger compartment, near the car radio.

We made it very powerful compared to the competition because we want our customers to have a good time with MTX, and of course, because we coined the word "BASS". To be serious you need power ...

The control panel is very complete with high-level inputs (automatic ignition, no "remete" cable required), RCA (Low level) inputs, gain control (0.1V to 4V), bass equalizer (0 to + 12dB), the active 18db / Oct low-pass filter variable from 50Hz to 150Hz, the phase switch (0 ° or 180 °) and the EBC remote control port. Nothing is missing, you can adjust the bass as you want and when you want ...

But as usual, the most important thing is the result: the sound quality. When you turn on the RTU8P, the first thing you say will be "wow ... so much bass in such a small box?!?". And you will further increase the volume ... :)

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