New MTX TX225T separate tweeters

Please welcome the TX2 separate tweeters sold ... separately 😎


The MTX TX225T are 25mm 1" tweeters specialized in the reproduction of high frequencies. These are the tweeters of the MTX TX250S and TX265S separate speakers. They handle 65W RMS and 450W Peak. They have an impedance of 4Ω to fit easily with any ampl (external or integrated into a head-unit). The small outer diameter makes them easy to install anywhere. Behind the mirrors, on the dashboard or at the top of the doors. To get the most out of it, you have to place the tweeters as high as possible to have the highest possible soundstage.
Their sound quality is excellent. They reproduce a lot of detail with precision, and add bite to musical reproduction. Their large dome diameter allows a powerful sound with impact. The silk dome is the best solution to perfectly distribute the sound and therefore reduce directivity. From both sides of the car, each tweeter can be heard very well. To keep it small and hold the power handling we use ultra magnetic neodymium magnets. They are therefore easy to install. For filtering, two capacitors are provided. It's simple and efficient.

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