New super tool, the MTX re-Q

Premium active high-level speaker inputs to line-level RCA outputs processor with automatic remote out, EBC remote control and Smart Digital Bass Restoration


The re-Q is the perfect tool that changes the game… It will quickly become indispensable. In recent cars equipped with large, non-removable screens, it transforms an factory radio into a top-of-the-art headunit by integrating all the audio refinements and solving all the problems.

  • It turns speaker cables into 4x 10V RMS RCA outputs with racing preamps that sound much better than many big name aftermarket head-units.
  • It incorporates a subwoofer output with EBC remote control. You can therefore control a subwoofer even if your factory radio doesn't have a sub output.
  • It manages an automatic remote for itself and for the other devices in the system. Hassle-free switching on and off...
  • The best for last: it restores the bass suppressed by manufacturers to protect their low quality and weak speakers.

The re-Q? This is the new universal head unit...


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