Test MTX iX3BT headphones @ WHAT HI•FI?

The MTX iX3BT Bluetooth headphones have been tested by WHAT HI•FI?. The least we can say is they felt in love with it! Everything is at the top. Take a look at these choosen sentences from this phenomenal test report…

"Sound: Excellent"

"Functions: Excellent"

"Manufacturing: Excellent"

"this is one of the most interesting headphones on the market: robust, efficient, and rather racy"

"we can only be seduced by the quality of manufacture"

"the headphones give the impression of being immensely strong"

"the headphones stay in place without exerting excessive pressure"

"the natural sound insulation is excellent"

"The bass is generous. It remains perfectly under control"

"The mids are warm, with a really organic sound"

"the highs are surprisingly docile"

"the quantity of information you can hear is impressive"

This is for sure one of the best MTX test report ever. So thank you WHAT HI•FI? for sharing your enthusiasm with us.