Test MTX iX3 @ iCreate : 5 stars

"In every detail, the MTX iX3 performs flawlessly"

One thing is sure... The MTX iX3 headphone already has many fans. Here's a look at another great test report that gave 5 stars to our new favorite headphone. And this time, it comes from the very famous Macintosh magazine named iCreate. You know we are also serious about sound :)

You will find the full test report in the iCreate issue #153 (January 2019). Here are some selected sentences from this test report :

"In every detail, the MTX iX3 performs flawlessly"
"The iX3 does not lack style"
"Superb flexibility and very good durability"
"Very nice bass"
"Excellent homogeneity of the staging"
In the end, the conclusion is simple : 5/5 stars...

We are glad iCreate liked it... Not easy because they can try and test almost any headphones on earth.