Test report MTX iX4BT Bluetooth earphone @iCreate

"The main strength of these earphones is the sound"

The career of the MTX iX4BT earphones is starting to get better and better… iCreate has just published a test report in its special summer issue. Here are some selected sentences 😎

"An impressive audio quality in this price range"

"Perfectly balanced, we can only be surprised by the quality of restitution for such a reasonable price"

"The main strength of these headphones is the sound"

"It’s really fun for all types of music"

"With bass present without dominating the listening, perfectly cut mids and very dynamic highs, you will please your ears without breaking the bank"

"This lightweight earphones will fit easily in the ears, even when playing sports"

"The battery guarantees perfect stability and offers 8 hours of listening"

"Connectivity is fast and hassle free"

"a very strong style"

"originality is really important"

"The battery and the remote control are well positioned to balance the earphones around the neck"

Strong points: "Sound quality"

Strong points: "Quality aluminum earbuds"

This is a great test report of the brand new MTX iX4BT earphones. Thank you iCreate 🤩

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