Test report MTX iX4BT BLuetooth earphone @ T3

"MTX is back on top with the incredible iX4BT earphones"

The career of the MTX iX4BT earphones is off to a good start… T3 has just tested it, and the results are simply breathtaking. Here are some selected sentences:

"5/5 stars" (maximum score...)

"You would have to be crazy to miss this sound wonder at a so reasonable price"

"From the first note, the sound impresses"

"Each note is reproduced with a dynamic close to realism"

"The MTX iX4BT is very qualitative"

"The iX4BT is light and comfortable"

"The sound reproduction is always fluid, never electronic, direct, frank, realistic and punchy"

"The frequency response is very well balanced with a very good linearity"

"The bass is strong, powerful, deep, and physical on the lower notes"

"The medium is three-dimensional, clear and ultra readable"

"We hear a lot of little details that we had missed with other earphones"

"The price of the iX4BT is ultra competitive"

"VERDICT: We love the sound, the soundstage, the strength of the sound reproduction, the flawless construction, and the super competitive price"

Hard to do better… thank you T3 for this exceptional test report 🤩

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