Test MTX re-Q @Car&Hifi

Excellent test report in the last issue of Car&Hifi: the re-Q does it right...🙃

Here are some chosen sentences from the Car&Hifi test report...

"The re-Q is a clever little box that helps to operate amplifier and active subwoofer on the factory radio"

"The re-Q is a well equipped high-low converter"

"The re-Q is a luxurious model with very good workmanship and equipment"

"The re-Q includes a highly welcome automatic switch-on"

"The re-Q also has a pretty rare function: It can recovers lost bass"

"The re-Q reverses exactly this loss of bass by adding an adjustable bass boost to the signal"

"The re-Q gently mixes back the additional bass as the volume increases, which is sonically fitting and correct"

Thank you Car&Hifi for this very interesting test about the re-Q. We can feel that it is the right tool for the recent cars with large screen where it is impossible to remove the factory head-unit and replace it with an aftermarket head-unit. The re-Q is a magic tool that turns a factory head-unit into a high-end aftermarket head-unit...

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