Test report MTX RFL12 subwoofer @ Car&Hifi : "This is really Pure Fun!"

Test report MTX RFL12 subwoofer @ Car&Hifi : "This is really Pure Fun!"

The MTX RFL12 superwoofer has been tested by Elmar Michels of Car & hifi ... As already said, it is certainly the best car audio magazine in the world. 30 years of testing without compromise.

When he gives you a medal or when he likes a product, there are good reasons ...

The RFL12 has been classified "Absolute Spitzenklasse" and "Very good value for money" ... Clearly, it's booming ...

Here are some selected sentences from the article:

"With RFL12, everything is solid"

"The foam contour allows huge shots"

"The RFL12 voice coil is very large (100 millimeters) with a giant flat wire"

"The highlight and most impressive of the MTX RFL12 is its magnet"

"Such an accumulation of magnetic material is not common"

"The RFL12 is an uncompromising woofer"

"The most amazing thing about our measurements is that the RFL12 is very easy to use"

"In our test box which is very compact, it always produces 85dB / 1W / 1m ... And it is not common with a moving mass of more than 300g" (High efficiency therefore)

"These are pure bass, which can be so loud that you won't hear the rest of your gear"

"When the RFL12 vibrates the car, you don't have to worry about the insulation, because the whole car still vibrates"

"Thanks to its great flexibility and suppleness, the RFL12 can also (even?) Be used to listen to music"

"It's really pure pleasure"

"1,2: Very good value for money"

Well ... it's clear, very strong and very heavy ...