Test MTX RTP8 powered enclosure @Car&Hifi

The MTX RTP8 powered enclosure has been tested by Car&Hifi (Germany) in the January 2021 issue (#1/2021). And once again, the MTX oldest powered enclosure in the lineup wins a test with its incredible quality/price ratio… Best power, clean response, high-end class-D topology amp, subsonic filter, low pass x-over, packed with a remote control no one else provides… Take a look at these chosen sentences:

"PREISTIPP" (Best Quality Price Ratio)

"Price/Performance : EXCELLENT"

"Cheap and really good“

"The RTP8 from MTX is very appealing"

"You can't expect more from a so small enclosure"

"During the listening test, the MTX RTP8 convinced the audience even without any frequency adjustment"

"The MTX RTP8 plays lively bass without losing quality sound"

"The RTP8 is equipped with an efficient Class-D power amplifier that delivers a good 118 Watts of power in our lab"

"The sound is perfectly balanced"

"MTX was clever enough to install a 2Ω subwoofer that gratefully raises the output power"

"The MTX RTP8 delivers powerful and clean bass that gives the music a pleasant body"

"No hard edges on the enclosure. This is more pleasing to the eye"

"The RTP8 completely dispenses with frills and any complicated filter equipment. Simply put the power cables and turn it on!"

"The RTP8 has a remote control that is not available from any of its competitors, despite the large price difference" (The MTX powered enclosure is significantly less expensive than its competitors)

Crazy good test report for an already 6 years old powered enclosure… Thank you Car&Hifi!

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