Test report MTX RTP8x3 powered enclosure @ Car&Hifi : "Best Product"

"The quality price is EXCEPTIONAL" - "Classification: Best product"

The MTX RTP8x3 subwoofer (called triplet) equipped with three 20cm subwoofers, was tested by Elmar Michels, editor-in-chief of Car & Hifi (Germany) in the December edition (Car & Hifi # 6/2017). It is undoubtedly one of the best caraudio magazines in the world ... 30 years of testing without compromise. The RTP8x3 obtained the best rating and the best value for money: 1.0. And it was rated "Best Product".

Very few products can achieve these two distinctions ... very very few ... So we are not going to spoil our pleasure :) It's remarkable!

Here are some selected sentences from the article:

"The RTP8x3 is a lot of fun in the car"

"The punch is powerful and even at high volume it will not give up"

"The woofers are top quality"

"The RTP8x3 is very well tuned and works very well in the deeper low frequencies up to 35 Hz!"

"Thanks to the very good fit of the box, the RTP gives a lot of pleasure in the car"

"Really good bass with a very fair price"

"For this price, the MTX RTP8x3 is a great offer"

"The quality price is EXCEPTIONAL"

"Ranking: Best product"

"Value for money: 1 (best possible rating)"

Waoooow…. It may be our best test report ever ... What a great test review !!!