Test MTX RTU8P active subwoofer @ Car&Hifi

The MTX RTU8P powered enclosure was tested by Car&Hifi (Germany) in the December issue (#6/2018). It is certainly the best caraudio magazine in the world... For 35 years they have been torturing products to see what they have in their stomachs. We already knew that this little aluminum enclosure was able to fit under the seats : more practical and easier to use, it's not possible.
But in addition it sounds good... The MTX RTU8P won the most important trophy : the best quality/price ratio... Plus an overall excellent score of 1.2. No other competitor is at this level...
The measurements are very very good... But the most interesting part is the journalist's comments. He explains in hidden words that the sound quality is really impressive (the best) for such a small enclosure which is also the cheapest in the test comparison…

"Best value for money!"

"The MTX RTU8P is a solidly manufactured active subwoofer that is not expensive compared to the competition"

"The RTU8P makes a real good impression during the listening test"

"The internal amplifier is of an old school mono analog design, with good components and a lot of power"

"It produces a lot of pressure and it always remains precise"

"The woofer delivers more than good bass"

In the end, the RTU8P took the "value for money trophy". Again, this is an excellent test report... So thank you Car&Hifi :)
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