Test report MTX TX81000D 1000W RMS Class-D mono block @Car&Hifi

"We are completely flashed by the sound performance"

Almost 7 years after its launch, the MTX TX81000D amp is still at the top… What a crazy test report!!!

"It's all sunshine when the TX81000D drives the subwoofer"

"Price/performance: very good"

"Excellent sound quality"

"Super performance already at 2 ohms"

"The workmanship of the MTX is exemplary"

"We are completely flashed by the sound performance"

"In terms of sound and performance it is the first choice"

"Both the precision and the pressure are right"

"The MTX TX81000D plays with full control even at high volumes"

"Double bass or simply rock music is a lot of fun"

"It will be difficult to find any single criticism to the MTX TX81000D sound quality."

This is a great test report of the TX81000D. Thank you Car&Hifi 🤩

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