Test MTX TX465S speakers @Car&Hifi

"Test Winner"

(Yes, we did it again...)

Last year, the MTX TX665S separate speakers won the 150€-300€ comparison test in Car&Hifi. Today, it is the turn of the MTX TX465S separate speakers to win the 70€-150€ comparison test (Car&Hifi #3/2021). It's a very strong and impressive performance... No discussion here, it is the best caraudio magazine in the world. For over 35 years, they've tortured products to help us decide what to buy. "Test Winner"… we love that sentence! This means that MTX separate speakers are better than the rest... Take a look at these chosen sentences:

"Test Winner"

"Price/Performance : very good"

"Sound at a very high level"

"With a thick 90mm ferrite magnet, it is powerfully built"

"The vocal range is of high quality and natural instruments as well as synthetic sounds come across very well"

"When reproducing bass drums, it booms powerfully with a nice punch"

"More than respectable bass-midrange driver"

"Very High Quality Full-size dome tweeter"

"The tweeter plays very well"

"The TX465S shows a very minimal distortion"

"Drum cymbals shine quite neatly"

"The MTX is also a front-runner when it comes to maximum SPL level"

"In the centre of the cone there is a phase plug, which is even made of aluminium"

An other crazy good test report for an already 4 years old speaker… Thank you Car&Hifi!

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