Test MTX TX665S @ Car&Hifi

The MTX TX665S speakers was tested by Car&Hifi (Germany) in the August issue (#4/2020). It is for sure the best caraudio magazine in the world. For 35 years they've been torturing products to help us to decide what to purchase. The result is an amazing test report. Maybe the best ever MTX speaker test… Take a look at these chosen sentences:

"Test Winner"

"Price/Performance : outstanding"

"The TX665S is very cheap and really good"

"The TX665S is very affordable"

"Very high build quality"

"The TX665S woofer scores with a large 30mm TIL voice coil, an aluminium phase plug and a coated paper cone"

"MTX is also generous... with an extra-large 28mm silk dome tweeter"

"The crossover is among the best in the test, with large air-core coils and MKP capacitors"

"In terms of measurements, we like the TX665S"

"The bass driver runs cleanly and can also be loud"

"The bass driver has an exemplary amplitude response and comparatively low distortion"

"The sound quality is right and fun"

"The x-over is exemplary : core-less coils made of thick wire, proper polypropylene capacitor and a level adjustment without tiny computer jumpers"

"At MTX the mid-bass unit runs exemplary with smooth amplitude response"

"The TX665S is very cheap and really good"

This is really an excellent test report for the MTX TX665S. Thank you Car&Hifi!

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