Test report MTX TX8652 @ Carmus "The MTX TX8652 can easily compete with 2000€ home bookshelf speakers"

"The MTX TX8652 can easily compete with 2000€ home bookshelf speakers"

The MTX TX8652 speakers have been tested by Carmus, the most passionate caraudio site on the ... web. Carmus doesn't just give a note; they speak of every detail, of every feeling with precision. They really spend a lot of time there - hours and hours - testing and writing their impressions ... And it's always a pleasure to read them.

Here is an example :

"To be honest, I was surprised, I didn't expect these speakers to be as comfortable and well balanced. As a result, instead of the usual 20 to 30 minute listening test, I stayed for several hours. I even kept these speakers for several days, listening to familiar albums in their entirety "

Here are some other selected phrases from the article:

"Everything is precise and still precise, without characteristic accents, which would immediately scratch the ear"

"The sound is warm, but never too soft and washed out"

"The tweeters are perfectly coordinated with the midrange speakers, which I see as a crossover merit - no" diffusion "of sound on the bands is observed.

"The sound reproduction of the drums is extremely impressive"

"Cymbals are perceived as cymbals (they are realistic)"

"The woofer shows a rather rare combination of depth and definition of bass"

"When you listen to the TX8652 for the first time, even before the end of the break-in, the soundstage has already been visibly drawn to the depth"

"After the break-in, the sound scene has grown significantly"

"Formally, according to the graphics and measurements, the MTX TX8652 seems to be a normal kit, without anything special. But when listening, the sound quality is perceived in an unexpected, pleasant and comfortable way. This is just what the we call musicality ... "

"You can listen to TX8652 for a long time, and with pleasure"

"With the MTX TX8652, you can make good home speakers, which, in my opinion, will easily compete with most home speakers in a price range of up to € 200"