SPL 205 RedNoise ProStyling Sylvain (France)

It's a true legend ... The 205 RedNoise (Thanks Olivier for the name of death!) Is the first SPL car to pass the 160dB mark. In other words, the sound barrier for the time. This is a very special order from Sylvain (a super nice Fool!) That ProStyling made. And as usual, Sandro spent ten times longer than expected.

The level of finish and the on-board technology for the time, it was delirious: 12 MTX PRO500XD Class-D amps, use of an amplifier as a preamp, 24 25cm MTX T5000 series subs, custom splitters, free subs air using the rear volume of the car, compression tunnels, sheet metal cockpit, iron seats, stripped steering wheel, double windshield, stainless steel reinforcements on the windshield, 18 truck batteries (not to be done ...), 6 cables 35mm2 for two alternators, 12 Brax IPC2F (2Farad) capas ... It was really ahead of its time.

It was not easy to adjust, let alone modify, the car was such a gem. I remember a dust rag left in the passenger compartment that lost 2dB (!). Hell ... Sandro had looked for 2 hours before he understood. In IASCA, she hardly wouldn't have blushed, but she was all red ... anyway. A monster capable of cranking up a frequency up to 180Hz (terrifying), and up to 166dB with the Euraudio measurement system ... A nuclear power station nearby was nothing :). The French record was obviously the key ... But the achievement is a date.

Thank you Sylvain, Sandro and Olivier for this achievement, thank you for this jewelry. It was a work of art!

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