Vincent's RFL Very Loud Beetle (France)

For more than 15 years he has been doing crazy projects, we are happy to finally have enough photos to write an article :). Vincent is a friendly accustomed to crazy installations and tuning. Based in the east of Strasbourg, he has been a client of legendary retailers (Pro-Styling, JDN Acoustique), and has worked in various magazines and auto centers. In recent years, he landed at Norauto in Vendenheim.

Sa Cox is a mature project. He told me about it before buying it ... Everything was clear. The color, the bumpers, the rims, the logos ... He knew where he was going. As a result, an incalculable number of meeting trophies, magazine covers, photos you can't count on websites, posters for meetings ... She became the most photographed Cox of the PTF (French landscape tuning ).

On par with personalization, Vincent places sound. He's crazy about it ... So crazy he put together one of the most traumatic installations I have ever listened to :) He shoehorned 4 MTX T810S-44 square subs into the tiny trunk ... A feat. ...

Better, he found the place to fit the MTX X3000D amplifier in charge of shaking the 4 subs! A big 55cm long thing that claims 3000W RMS under CEA2006 conditions (5000W real).

For the front, Vincent trusted the hp MTX cut like subs: the T8652. They deliver an incredible reproduction of clarity in the midrange, and are super fast in the bass. To amplify them, a bridge X504 (4 channels) is used. That's more than 2x200 Wrms ... Glups ... The rear loudspeakers (Des T6c653) are anecdotal .. They respond more to the pressure exerted by the 4 subs than to the amp which drives them forward :).

The super personalized Cox set with taste plus sound of the tonner (THUNDER in English ...) integrated gives a winning case from all points of view.

The installation:
• Subs: 4x MTX T810S-44 with MTX X3000D amplifier
• Front: 1x MTX T8652 with MTX X504 amplifiers
• Rear: 2x MTX T6C652 with MTX X704 amplifier
• Source Pioneer X8600BT

Well done Vincent :)

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