Jackhammer JJ Hifi Hummer (Finland)

Here is the most awesome JackHammer demo crate built ... yet :) A JackHammer in a Hummer ... they were made for each other :) JJ Hifi's achievement is truly amazing. This is the level of the Alpine crates at CES in LasVegas !!!
Except that he did it in a month! Well done.
Nothing was left to chance. an exceptional body, 24 "rims, 14m2 of soundproofing material ... 8 Optima batteries ... 7 large amplifiers ... 1 square JackHammer .... 8 pairs of HP T8000 kit and 6 square T8000 series subs 25cm. This is for the next Motorhead concert ...;)

The system diagram:
• 1x MTX T9924 24" square Jackhammer
• 6x MTX T810S 10" square subs T8000 series
• 8x MTX T8652 16,5cm 6.5“ T8000 series compo speakers
• 4x MTX TH4000D Class-D 4000W RMS mono amplifiers
• 3x MTX TH904 4-channel Class-AB amplifiers
• Head unit: Alpine IVA-502
• 8x Optima yellow top batteries
• Streetwire cable and accessories

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