Delicious in-ceiling MTX iWs80 speakers & iWa250 amplifiers sound systems @Hotel d'Alsace (France)

The Hotel d'Alsace is the hotel every traveler dreams about. Extremely comfortable, clean to eat on the floor, in impeccable condition, the internet connection that works better than at home, a closed and protected car park, the tram that starts just outside to get to the city center in 10 minutes, a restaurant with fresh and quality products, an ultra friendly bar and really amazing prices!

This beautiful hotel is run by a couple and a team who really take care of their customers. And I have a little experience in the field since I have spent more than three months each year for 25 years in hotels for professional reasons and for vacation ...

They contacted us to do an audio installation with important constraints:
1. Do not take up space
2. Being able to switch from background music to a disco (!!!)
3. Be able to manage the sound volume of each zone individually
4. Control everything with an iPad and Spotify

It sounds complicated at first glance, but the MTX iWA250 amps and MTX iWs80 in-wall speakers are exactly made for that… that was great, eh? :)

1. To save space, all speakers have been built into the ceilings. Infinite resonance box which gives pride of place to the bass and the atmosphere. In the restaurant, the anti-noise plates have been replaced by 19mm medium plates which take the original design but with a perfect cut.

2. In the restaurant, we installed 4 iW250 amplifiers, each connected to 2 pairs (4 in total) of iWs80 speakers (20cm in diameter). The owners made a funny face seeing all the equipment.

3. Each amp has an independent volume control. It is therefore possible on demand to adjust the volume in each area. A small infrared remote control or directly from the iPad… Very simple.

4. We used an app that allows you to control the 7 amplifiers in wifi and Airplay. It is also possible to playing music directly from Spotify (Spotify Connect).

At the beginning, there was not the same music in the restaurant and in the Bar (yes, it is possible too…), but quickly the same playlist on both sides was preferred for an obvious homogeneity.

The bar sounds amazingly good. The sense of musicality of the installation is breathtaking. The serious too. Its quality and depth are only found on really high-end hifi installations.

The restaurant is an incredible musical comfort. The music is perfectly audible everywhere, but never too loud. It effectively separates the tables in music. The comfort provided by the bass makes reproduction always musical and never aggressive.

Here we are obviously talking about full range (20Hz to 20000Hz) and stereo music. Nothing to do with the 100V mono installations that are generally found in stores with a castrated bandwidth and not the slightest stereo or bass.

We're serious about sound :)

Hotel d'Alsace
187 Route de Lyon
67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden
Phone: 03 90 40 35 00

Installation Diagram

Mercedes ML from Russia system diagram

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