MTX loaded Mercedes ML from Russia

SQ (Sound quality) installation in a 1973 Mini Clubman

Our MTX distributor in South Africa has just completed a superb installation in a 1973 MINI Clubman Estate. It belongs to Hassan and they started this installation in June 2020, in the middle of Covid 🥺

So it was a long and difficult project. But with the help of Nateen (Kustom Kings), Razeen (Eklips Kustoms) and many hours, the end result is much better than expected 💪🤩

The choice of MTX components was self-evident because of the exceptional sound quality they produce. TX8652 mounted in the custom dash with tweeter supports and powered by the MTX TX2450 amp in bridge mode ; it's simply the best possible combination. The legendary T810S-44 (10" 25cm) square subwoofer has been added to the trunk in a custom reflex enclosure. It's driven by a TX81000D for huge, deep bass 🔊

To lose nothing in sound quality, Hassan chose the MTX StreetWires ZNXHD RCA cables. All the rest of the wiring is MTX StreetWires.

The result is breathtaking. This is clearly one of the best SQ (sound quality) vehicle ever listened to by our colleagues in South Africa. The sound is really impressive. note that they distribute a lot of brands... a lot... 😉

The restoration of the MINI is also incredible. She's 50 and seems to be doing only a fraction of it. Complete restoration of the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. New paint, new wheels (13") and new MTX AUDIO system. This vehicle is simply superb!!!

Small indiscretion: in his message, the SA MTX technician wrote: "Absolutely amazing, those TX8 components are out of this world. Best ever". It's not the first time we can read this... 😎😉

Sound system:

  • 1x MTX TX8652 separates speakers
  • 1x MTX T810S-44 subwoofer
  • 1x MTX TX2450 amplifier
  • 1x MTX TX81000D amplifier
  • 1x ALPINE IVE-W585BT head-unit
  • Deep cycle battery 110AH
  • Upgraded alternator 280A

System Diagram


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